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Creative Content Critiques & Consulting

Lydia graduated from the University of Southern New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and English on May 12th, of 2018 and she graduated with a Master of Arts in Creative Writing and English on May 11th, 2019. She has been freelance writing and editing for the past five years, having worked on over 75 novels, with several achieving award-winning status such as the OZMA Awards for Fantasy with Chanticleer Book Reviews and the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards. Additionally, several of her freelance ghost-written novels have become Amazon Bestsellers in their respective genres.

Have look at the services provided by Creative Content Critiques & Consulting.

Freelance Writing

Duration Varies

Freelance writing, any niche.

Resume and Cover Letter Development

Duration Varies

Assist in writing and developing cover letter and/or resume.


Cover Letter Critique

Duration Varies

Critique and offer in-line suggestions for revisions.

Resume Critique

Duration Varies

Develop and offer suggestions for revisions.


Submission Package

Duration Varies

An assessment and critique of query letter, synopsis, and first ten pages of a manuscript.


Article Writing

Duration Varies

Article and blog writing with research and citations.


Synopsis Critique

Duration Varies

In-line comments with suggested revisions.

Query Letter Critique

Duration Varies

In-line comment of suggested revisions.


Character Development

Duration Varies

1 page character development or interview with a character.

Manuscript Assessment

Duration Varies

2-3 page assessment of plot, characters, setting, themes, voice.


Macro/Micro Line Editing/Beta Reading.

Duration Varies

In-line comments of suggested revisions and edits.


Plot Outline

Duration Varies

Chapter by chapter plot outline approximately 5,000 words per outline.


Novel Development Consultation Write-Up

Duration Various

1-page write-up and recap/paired with novel development consultation.


Novel Development Consultation


1-hour consultation/brainstorm for novel development.

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