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Hell Hath No Fury Like A Mercenary Scorned

Betrayal is the worst sin in Catriona's eyes. When one of her Hellcats forsakes her duty and the gang, Catriona struggles to maintain control of the Hellcats. Dissent runs rampant through the ranks, as Catriona is thrown into emotional upheaval when an old family member makes their presence known in Hell. 

Catriona's emotions about her troubled past aren't the only thing ready for a fight. Hell's armies are growing evermore stir crazy being bound to a plain of eternal torture. Rattling the bars of their cages, they threaten to rip down the veil between the human and hell dimensions. With duplicitous demons playing a dangerous game to kickstart the apocalypse, Catriona and Damien must reconcile with one another and work together to stop their enemies' nefarious plans to end the world. 

Catriona must ask herself if she is ready to throw in the towel in the fight between right and wrong, and join her cohorts in bringing about the apocalypse to raise Hell into the Human realm?  


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urban fantasy romance hell fire paranormal satan demon shapeshifter apocalypse
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