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South of Heaven, West of Hell's Bells

Catriona Clarke is struggling to find her place as a newly appointed ruler of Hell. With her co-ruler Damien, son of Satan, refusing to share the secrets of the family business, she must find a way to gain control over the minions of Hell or risk losing her second-in-command Leona.

When Amon, one of the seven deadly sins, a.k.a. Prince of Hate, attempts a coup de grâce, Catriona's last bargaining chip is the redemption of her soul. She and her gang of demon biker mercenaries, The Hellcats, race to find allies, both elusive and thieving, in a battle for control over the hordes of Hell. Catriona and crew are stuck in Hell, trying to determine if their allies' sins are too great to be trusted or if she can risk taking a chance siding with the damned to stop her enemies.

Catriona must ask herself if the fate of the Underworld is more important than her eternal redemption or if relinquishing her rights to rule will have apocalyptic consequences? 


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urban fantasy romance hell fire paranormal satan demon shapeshifter apocalypse
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