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The Road to Hell's Best Intentions

Catriona Clarke has finally driven Sugar and Spice, and everything nice about being a good little demon and doing her duty, right off the deep end. Kicking off the apocalypse by enlisting none other than the Four Horsemen notorious for causing War, Death, Famine, and Pestilence, Catriona is Hellbent on seeking revenge for the death of a loved one, but at what cost?
Damien, son of Satan, recognizes his husbandly duties to his wayward wife, may very well have to embrace the fury of her wrath, if he ever wants to get through to her deeply hidden emotions with his good intentions.

Catriona and Damien find themselves on a quest to discover ancient prophecies being unraveled and deep secrets being revealed with apocalyptic consequences. But, united or divided in their cause, the real question becomes, is the road to Hell's Best Intentions, paved with the fury of their wrath or with the fierceness of their love?

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urban fantasy romance hell fire paranormal satan demon shapeshifter apocalypse
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