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Highway to Hell

Catriona Clarke, a mercenary demon leads a gang of reapers, the Hellcats, to collect the marked souls of the damned. Working for Lucifer from the bowels of Hell, the Hellcats ride out to the human dimension on the backs of their demonically possessed motorcycles when the call to reap comes from the Devil himself. Their sole focus, collect enough souls to one day atone for their own sins and redeem their right to go to Heaven.

When Catriona returns from collecting a soul, she discovers the rival gang of demon-reapers, the Hellhounds, have marked her ex-boyfriend for a fate worse than death-eternal torture on any nine levels of the Underworld. Conflicted about going to reap Zeke's soul, Catriona reluctantly agrees to uphold her duty. In a whirlwind of chaos, she discovers that the son of Satan and leader of the Hellhounds, Damien, has mistakenly marked the innocent and pure soul of Zeke’s twin brother, Lowell. Her gut instinct tells her to stand up against Lucifer and the demons of Hell, but in doing so, she will lose everything she’s worked hard for.

Catriona must ask herself, will she stand by and do nothing when the soul of an innocent is harmed? Or is her ex-boyfriend’s brother worth the fate and redemption of her own soul?

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urban fantasy romance hell fire paranormal satan demon shapeshifter apocalypse
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