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urban fantasy apocalypse skull horsemen romance

Catriona Clarke has finally driven Sugar and Spice, and everything nice about being a good little demon and doing her duty, right off the deep end. Kicking off the apocalypse by enlisting none other than the Four Horsemen notorious for causing War, Death, Famine, and Pestilence, Catriona is Hellbent on seeking revenge for the death of a loved one, but at what cost?

Damien, son of Satan, recognizes his husbandly duties to his wayward wife...


contest winner award winning first place romance The Emily

Feel your fire. Let it feed your soul! My name is Lydia Anne Stevens: an award-winning author and Freelance Developmental Editor and Writing Coach...


Lydia Stevens author editor urban fantasy paranormal
urban fantasy paranormal fire Hell newsletter award winning romance

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urban fantasy demons apocalypse Hell Satan demon romance



As a token of my appreciation, you can download two, free novellas! Hot as Hell to Pay, the prequel to The Hell Fire Series and A Hellishly Heathen Holiday, a Christmas Novella which takes place after Highway to Hell, Book 1 of the Hell Fire Series!

urban fantasy paranormal demon Hell fire Christmas shapeshifter romance
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