Why Not?


Ginger Davenport has always walked the razor-sharp edge of being over-the-top and a bit overzealous regarding her use of sarcasm, wit, and outlandish abnormal behavior. But when her past actions cause an unsettling ripple effect, she never dreamed her socially awkward and borderline reclusive tendencies could lead to war. Ginger is forced to finally face that line she has scoffed at, mocked and ridiculed, and chose a side. The real problem she now faces is that, on the opposing side, is one of her best friends.
Can Ginger save the paranormal species from forever being feared in the eyes of the world? More importantly, can she do it sans one of the most important friends she has come to rely on in her life since she will be forced to face off with her mind-reading, all-powerful dragon-king, best friend, Gareth?

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