Why Me?

Geeky vampire Ginger Davenport is just an ordinary college student with a small group of friends and a mundane life that offers little surprises. Prone to internal tangents
and over-analyzing situations, she likes her habitual routine, as it doesn't disrupt her reclusive and book-wormish ways. What Ginger doesn't expect is to be thrown into a whirlwind adventure helping Dracula on a personal mission. However, circumstances thrust her into this escapade, which is rife with dangers such as fallen angels and ghouls. Ginger's only hope to succeed will be if she employs the aid of her two best friends, a werewolf and the king of the dragons. The biggest question she must face is if she will be able to aid Dracula and complete the mission, or will her over-the-top sarcasm and wit finally be the weapons of her downfall.

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vampire paranormal werewolf fallen angel dragon Dracula