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As a token of my appreciation, you can download two of my Novellas!

"A Hellishly Heathen Holiday"

A Christmas Novella taking place after the events of Highway to Hell, Book 1 of the Hell Fire Series!

Happy reading!
~Lydia Stevens

demons urban fantasy romance Hell fire Christmas

Catriona Clarke is having a hard time finding her place as the newly appointed co-ruler of Hell. When she discovers that her co-ruler, Damien's Hellhounds, Dick and Doug have stolen his Uncle Jesus's baby manger to  make bathtub gin in honor of Uncle Jesus's birthday, Catriona is less than impressed. To make matters worse, the holy relic is stolen the day before Christmas!

Catriona and company discover the culprit to be an unlikely source, who is as sick of Christmas as any parent who can't stand to hear one more Christmas Carol, and it's a Hellish-hunt down to retrieve Uncle Jesus's manger, and return it before the party gets into full-swing. 

Can Catriona and the Hellcats save Christmas, or will these latest demonic shenanigans be the cause of Uncle Jesus's birthday to go down in the books as one of the most Hellishly Heathen Holidays?

"Hot As Hell To Pay"

The Prequel to the Hell Fire Series

Happy reading!
~Lydia Stevens

urban fantasy demon shapeshifter romance Hell Satan apocalypse

Catriona Clarke is going to die. When a mysterious man, Damien walks into her boyfriend's auto body shop, and makes her a proposition to save her soul, how can she resist? Never having lived a life worth living, Catriona has been content to stand by and do nothing while her boyfriend sells drugs. But when a drug kingpin comes to collect the money he is due, Catriona finds herself tangled in a whirlwind rush to save some kids who are being sold into child trafficking rings, and stop a crazy gang of ex-communicated biker Nuns from murdering her and them.

The only way for Catriona to protect the kids, repay her ex-boyfriend's debts, and save her own mortal soul, is to willingly go to her death, knowing the Hellhound Reaper who has come for her is taking her straight to Hell when she kicks the bucket. Catriona must ask herself, is an afterlife of eternal torture worth burning forever, in order to do the right thing for once in her life? 

~Enjoy this prequel to the Hell Fire Series!

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